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Israel’s Anti-Ship Missiles to Deploy on Both Banks of the Gulf of Finland


Feb 11, 2024

The Estonian Ministry of Defense has announced that its navy has received a batch of Blue Spear sea-to-sea missiles made by the Israeli state defense concern Aviation Industry. Blue Spear is the fifth generation of Gabriel anti-ship missiles, with a range of 200 kilometers, two guidance systems, and electronic warfare capabilities. Estonia became the third country to receive the new missiles after Israel and Finland. The new missiles are planned to be equipped on the Singapore Navy’s Formidable class frigates.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for the Estonian navy and shows a commitment to strengthening its defense capabilities. The Blue Spear missiles will enhance the navy’s ability to defend its waters and contribute to international defense efforts. This development also strengthens the partnership between Estonia and Israel, reflecting a shared commitment to security and defense.

The addition of the Blue Spear missiles to the Estonian navy’s arsenal represents a significant upgrade in its maritime capabilities. With advanced range, guidance, and electronic warfare capabilities, these missiles will greatly enhance the navy’s ability to deter and respond to maritime threats. This upgrade will contribute to the overall security and stability of the Baltic Sea region, benefitting Estonia and its neighboring countries.

The Estonian Ministry of Defense has also emphasized the importance of international cooperation in the development and acquisition of advanced defense capabilities. The partnership with Israel in acquiring the Blue Spear missiles demonstrates the value of collaboration in enhancing national defense capabilities. This approach reflects a broader trend of cooperation and interoperability among like-minded countries to address shared security challenges.

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