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Istanbul and Ankara city parliaments could also be won by the opposition


Apr 3, 2024

Two days after the opposition’s surprising victory in Turkey’s mayoral elections, they are expected to have another triumph in the city parliaments in Istanbul and Ankara. Preliminary figures show that the center-left CHP party is replacing the AKP as the strongest force in both representations, according to a member of the electoral authority on Tuesday.

The CHP also won the mayoral positions in the two important cities in the 2019 local elections, but did not secure a majority in the city parliaments. The mayors, Ekrem Imamo─člu in Istanbul and Mansur Yavas in Ankara, have repeatedly complained about being blocked by the majority of the Islamic conservative AKP. This has led to accusations of hindering loans for projects and delaying construction projects.

Imamo─člu and Yavas have both accused the central government of politically motivated blockades as well. The Istanbul administration claims that the Ministry of Economic Affairs delayed approval of metro projects, while other ministries have reportedly blocked Corona aid for the population. Istanbul’s municipality has not received a loan from any state bank since 2019, which has hindered their ability to fund important projects.

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