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Italy’s Growing Influence on the Global Stage” Melons: “Confident in Our Progress


Feb 13, 2024

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni expressed her satisfaction with the growing central role that Italy is playing on the international stage, stating that this development benefits not just the nation, but also its families and businesses. In an interview with Tg5, she emphasized the intersection of foreign policy and internal politics and how a greater awareness of Italy’s global standing can lead to significant achievements.

Meloni highlighted the government’s focus on aiding families, wages, and businesses, particularly in the face of a complex economic situation. She pointed to positive outcomes, such as record employment, stable contracts, and increased female employment, as evidence that their approach has been successful. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of concentrating resources where they will have the most impact and underlined the government’s support for the business community.

Addressing concerns about the government’s stability and commitment, Meloni stated that the opposition may be more nervous than the majority, but she emphasized the cohesiveness of the governing coalition. She recognized the value of different perspectives within the majority and expressed confidence in their ability to find solutions when needed.

Meloni also discussed Italy’s role in international affairs, particularly with regard to the Middle East. She called for finding a lasting solution to the region’s crises while defending Israel’s right to exist and advocating for the protection of civilians. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of taking serious, well-informed positions on global issues and affirmed Italy’s commitment to playing a thoughtful and impactful role in the international community.

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