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Ivan Finds a Deer in His Yard: I Discovered It Was Dead After I Nudged It With My Foot


Nov 21, 2023

Ivan Šanteković, a 60-year-old man from Vukosavljevica near Virovitica, spent days on the lookout for deer in order to shoot one. He was surprised when a deer came to his terrace without an invitation. Last week, he saw the deer on the covered terrace of his family house around 9 am. He was shocked and gently pushed its foot, only to realize that the deer was dead. It was established that the deer, weighing around 180 kilograms, came from the forest and was likely killed in a collision with a vehicle. No wounds from a firearm or any other weapon were found on the body, indicating that the deer did not die from hunting or poaching.

The Virovitica-Podravska Police Department confirmed that the deer wandered into Šanteković’s yard after coming off the road and died from internal injuries that were not visible from the outside. The six-year-old animal could be classified in the silver category due to the size of its horns. Hunter Željko Rešetar from the Pheasant Hunting Association Špišić Bukovica visited the scene and mentioned that it is common for a wounded animal to run away and try to hide in a safe place. He also added that they do not remember a similar case in the area of the Pheasant Hunting Association.

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