Jamie Foxx’s ‘Mysterious’ Health Condition Unveiled by Mike Tyson

Celebrity Mike Tyson has claimed that Jamie Foxx had suffered a stroke during a recent health scare. Foxx, who is 55 years old, was treated at a Chicago facility that specializes in treating adults with severe and complex conditions, including stroke recovery, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and cancer rehabilitation. On the PBD podcast, Tyson said, “He’s not feeling well. They said he had a stroke. I have no idea what happened to him.” The Times has reached out to Foxx’s representatives for comment.

Initially, Foxx’s condition was unknown, and he was hospitalized in Atlanta, Georgia. On April 12, Foxx’s daughter Colin, 29, announced on Instagram that her father was undergoing emergency treatment. Her family later released a statement, thanking people for their prayers and support, while requesting privacy.

On May 12, Foxx’s daughter Corinne took to Instagram to update on her father’s condition. She challenged her previous claims that her family was preparing for the worst. Foxx has been out of the hospital for weeks, and is recovering well. Although he is still recovering, he was playing pickleball, according to Corinne.

Foxx was filming ‘Back in Action’ with Cameron Diaz, 50, the day before he was rushed to the hospital. He continued working after a short hiatus, with the help of a body double.

According to a TMZ report, people close to Foxx asked his fans to “pray for Jamie” earlier this month. Many of his celebrity friends have also publicly congratulated him. On the May 2nd episode of the podcast Impulsive, Kevin Hart updated on his friend’s health, saying, “To my knowledge, there are many advances. My love, synergy, and energy pour into him. He needs it, and I know he knows it.”

Nick Cannon, the host of “The Masked Singer,” revealed on Entertainment Tonight on April 24 that Foxx was “awake” and “alarmed.” Martin Lawrence, Foxx’s co-star from the sitcom “Martin,” told Extra on April 21 that Foxx is “getting better.” He added, “Not only is he one of the greatest entertainers, but he’s also a good person…I’m going out for him every night…All I can do is send my prayers and wish him the best of luck.”

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