Janet’s Community Receives Free Pet Health Clinic to Meet their Needs

On Sunday morning, the Janet City Fire Department welcomed a queue of pets and their owners more than half an hour before the gates opened. They were there for the free medical care available to all who attended. The clinic is the first of its kind in Janet since the pandemic, and according to organizers, it is a much-needed addition to the community.

Attendees could have their pets implanted with microchips or receive rabies vaccinations. For some like Heather Clarke and her five-month-old short-haired cat Gandalf the Gray, the clinic was a “blessing to the community” since it encouraged pet chipping. Heather Cordial, one of the event leaders, spoke of the shortage of veterinarians in the area, which leads to long waiting lists for reservations. The clinic also hopes to alleviate the burden on rescue organizations that take care of lost or abandoned pets.

Dr. Megan Alley from the Donaldson Animal Hospital implanted small chips in dogs and cats attending the clinic. The chips help authorities find pet owners if their animals run away, and according to Alley, “This is a way to reunite pets and their owners.” Ashley Lutz, president of TJ’s Rescue Hideaway, shared her concerns about ensuring pets are returned to their rightful owners, adding that some people don’t want pets due to the economic downturn.

The clinic also provided nail clippers, rabies vaccines, and attracted more than 150 people. Fire Department Capt. Joe Matijevich praised the clinic, saying that it was well-received by residents and hoped it would become an annual event. For pet owners, like Sierra Milan and BK Pretz, standing in line to clip their pets’ nails, they were grateful for the much-needed and free services provided.

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