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Javier Milei’s Blueprint for Rural Development and Potential Government Allies


Nov 20, 2023

The president-elect of Argentina, Javier Milei, expressed the importance of the countryside in the country and highlighted his intentions to prioritize the agricultural sector during his administration. He committed to the removal of withholdings, which was a unanimous request from producers. Currently, soybeans are taxed at 33%, cereals at 12%, and meat at 9%. The goal is to eliminate these taxes as well as all interventions in the market.
Milei has set a goal to reduce the size of the State and eliminate taxes. He has appointed Diana Mondino to handle foreign policy and has chosen Fernando Vilella to manage the policies of the agricultural sector. The selection of Vilella, a well-respected academic and dean of the UBA, reflects Milei’s commitment to implementing the necessary changes in the agricultural field. Vilella presented a paper to Milei outlining the main policies needed for the agriculture sector to grow and be sustainable.
Vilella’s proposal included generating the most qualified human resources, increasing investment in science and technology, improving environmental care and sustainability, and eliminating exchange gaps and withholdings. The Argentine Rural Society (SRA) expressed support for Milei and pledged to work together to address the country’s problems. Other rural organizations, such as the Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA), also congratulated Milei and expressed their hope for a change in agricultural policies.

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