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Jeff Bezos offloaded two billion dollars worth of his company’s shares


Feb 11, 2024

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is currently at the top of the world’s richest lists as a multi-billionaire. Recently, Bezos sold about 12 million Amazon shares for a total of two billion dollars. Documents sent to the Securities Market Regulatory Authority on Friday confirmed the sale, with shares being sold at a price per share of 168-171 dollars. Bezos had previously expressed his intention to sell 50 million Amazon shares next July, as indicated in documents released on Wednesday.

Bezos founded Amazon thirty years ago and recently stepped down as CEO in 2021, but remains as chairman of the company’s board. Despite stepping down from his CEO role, Bezos remains one of the three richest people in the world, according to financial magazine Forbes and financial news agency Bloomberg’s billionaire listings. His continued success and financial influence have solidified his position at the top of the global wealth rankings.

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