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Jeff Bezos to sell Amazon shares for the first time in over a year


Feb 10, 2024

Amazon founder and American billionaire Jeff Bezos sold over $2 billion worth of Amazon shares in a recent move. This is the first time he has sold shares since 2021. According to a report to the American stock exchange regulator SEC, Bezos sold a total of twelve million shares on Wednesday and Thursday.

In early February, Amazon announced Bezos’ plans to sell up to 50 million shares this year, totaling more than $8 billion. This comes as Bezos may be looking to capitalize on a recent rise in share price, which has brought him closer to the title of richest man on earth.

With an estimated fortune of $200 billion, Bezos currently ranks second on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, just behind Elon Musk. His net worth is estimated at $209 billion. This recent move to sell shares may play a role in Bezos’s pursuit of overtaking Musk as the richest person in the world.

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