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JetBlue will be charging more for checked bags this summer


Apr 3, 2024

JetBlue has introduced a new pricing structure for its checked baggage fees, which will now change depending on when you are traveling. The new system divides the year into peak and off-peak seasons, with peak season travelers paying an extra $5 for their first checked bag and $10 for their second bag. This pricing strategy is similar to those of other major carriers like United and American Airlines, who recently increased their baggage fees.

Dynamic pricing for checked baggage fees is not a common practice in the airline industry. However, JetBlue’s move to implement this strategy is similar to the approach taken by fast-food chain Wendy’s, which adjusts menu prices throughout the day. The new baggage fees at JetBlue will vary based on peak season dates, destination, and whether you add them before check-in.

Travelers flying with JetBlue during peak seasons will see an increase in checked baggage fees. The first checked bag will cost an additional $5, while the second will incur a $10 fee. These peak seasons are defined by the airline and include periods around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as the summer months. Additionally, travelers on transatlantic flights will pay more for checked bags compared to those flying within North America.

While dynamic pricing for ancillary fees like checked baggage is less common in the airline industry, it is more prevalent among European budget airlines like easyJet and Ryanair. These airlines also adjust baggage fees based on route, flight, and time of booking. JetBlue’s move to introduce dynamic pricing for checked baggage fees may signal a shift in how ancillary fees are priced in the airline industry.

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