Jets’ player Mekor Herdmann reveals his mother’s harrowing health battle.

On Mother’s Day, New Jets receiver Mekor Hardman joined Post columnist Steve Thurby for a Q&A. When asked to describe his mother, Latrivia Daniel, Hardman called her a very strong, charismatic, and caring woman who would give the shirt off her back for others. He also shared the story of how she discovered an apple-sized tumor in her brain in 2013. Hardman was scared at first, thinking it might be cancerous, but doctors successfully removed it.

Hardman’s mother had to live without the front part of her skull for about a month while her brain swelling subsided. During this time, Hardman stayed with her in the hospital every day and even drove her around after she lost her memory. Hardman’s family is Christian, and they prayed every day for his mother’s recovery.

Hardman’s mother was always a supportive presence at his games, both in high school and in the NFL. She attended every home game he played in college and continues to come to home games now that he’s playing for the Jets. Hardman’s mother gave him some important advice, including to be careful in his choice of friends and romantic partners.

Hardman also shared the story of the birth of his son, who was born on the Sunday after the Super Bowl. Hardman injured his groin and didn’t play in the game, but he was still able to be there for his daughter and new grandchild. Hardman loves being a father and takes pride in his diaper-changing skills. For Mother’s Day, he suggests giving mothers and fathers a much-needed vacation and investing in their careers and futures.

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