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Jewish Expulsion from London Show After Refusal to Cheer for Palestinian Flag


Feb 13, 2024

The MailOnline website reported on an incident involving Yahav Eitan, an Israeli living in London. Eitan went out to celebrate his birthday with a friend at Cory’s show. He described the performance as “strange” but noted that everything was fine until the comedian pulled out the flag of Ukraine and then the flag of Palestine, and demanded the audience to clap. Eitan and his friend did not applaud and quietly sat through that part of the show. When Corey, the comedian, saw that they weren’t cheering for the flag, he confronted them, asking if they had fun and then demanding that they leave the place.

According to Eitan, Corey reportedly shouted and tried to incite the crowd as they were leaving. After the two left the venue, Corey reportedly told the crowd that he might get in trouble for the incident. The Soho Theater, where the incident took place, responded to the issue, stating that they are taking it seriously and checking the details of what happened thoroughly.

The content then proceeds to list various subjects and collections which do not seem to be relevant to the story about the incident at the Soho Theater.

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