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Jim Viscardi joins Image Comics as Vice President of Business Development


Apr 3, 2024

Jim Viscardi is known in the comic book community as the co-founder of comicbook.com, a website launched in 2015 and later sold to CBS Interactive. Viscardi oversaw the site’s editorial strategy and various other responsibilities that helped it gain prominence in the industry. His next move is to Image Comics, where he will serve as the VP of Business Development, reporting to Eric Stephenson, publisher & chief creative officer.

Viscardi expressed his excitement about joining Image Comics, a company known for its support of creator-owned publishing and commitment to artistic freedom. He looks forward to contributing to Image’s legacy of empowering creators and driving business growth to benefit partners in the Direct Market and beyond. Together with the Image team, Viscardi aims to inspire innovation and amplify the voices of creators worldwide.

Before joining Image, Viscardi previously worked at Marvel Entertainment, where he focused on marketing, communications, and retailer relations. He was involved in major events such as the 2012 Avengers vs. X-Men event and the 2011 introduction of Miles Morales as Spider-Man. Eric Stephenson, in a statement, highlighted Viscardi’s passion for comics and work ethic, stating that he was an ideal candidate for the role at Image. Despite going separate ways earlier in their careers, they are excited to work together now.

Image Comics was founded in 1992 by seven top Marvel artists who left to form their own company. The key idea behind Image Comics was that comic book creators could retain ownership of the characters they created. Over the years, Image Comics has become renowned for titles like Spawn, Invincible, and Saga, showcasing a commitment to supporting creators and their work.

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