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Jim Viscardi named Vice President of Business Development at Image Comics


Apr 3, 2024

Jim Viscardi, known for co-founding comibook.com and previously working at Marvel Entertainment, is moving to Image Comics. He will be serving as the VP of Business Development for the publisher, with a history that includes overseeing editorial strategy and marketing.

In his new role at Image Comics, Viscardi will be reporting to Eric Stephenson, who holds the positions of publisher and chief creative officer. He expressed his excitement for joining a team that values creative independence and strategic business growth, aiming to support partners in the Direct Market and beyond.

Image Comics was founded in 1992 by seven Marvel artists who wanted to give creators ownership over their characters. Over the years, they have released titles such as Spawn, Invincible, and Saga that have become iconic in the comic book industry. Viscardi’s experience and passion are seen as valuable additions to the Image team as they continue to push boundaries and empower creators worldwide.

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