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Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders team up to advocate for reduced healthcare expenses


Apr 3, 2024

President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders joined forces on Wednesday to highlight the administration’s efforts to reduce the cost of health care, including inhalers. The event took place at the White House, where Biden commended Sanders for their collective 25-year fight against Big Pharma. The duo celebrated the passage of the Democrats’ comprehensive climate, health care, and tax package, which capped various health care expenses for Medicare recipients, such as $35 per month for insulin and $2,000 per year for prescription drugs.

The legislation was passed without any Republican support, and while Biden’s team believes that his accomplishments, like lowering health care costs, are popular among the public, the president has yet to receive widespread recognition from voters. Both Biden and Sanders highlighted their efforts to pressure inhaler manufacturers to limit the costs of the devices to no more than $35 per month, significantly lower than the current prices ranging from $200 to $600 without insurance.

Sanders expressed gratitude towards President Biden for his actions on the issue so far and expressed eagerness to collaborate with the president in the future. Despite being competitors in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, Sanders and Biden have worked together to shape party policy platforms that reflect Sanders’ influence. The event was an opportunity for the two political figures to showcase their partnership and the impact of their joint efforts on health care affordability.

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