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Jon Stewart returns to speak the truth about Biden’s age


Feb 13, 2024

Jon Stewart is back and has returned to “The Daily Show,” much to the delight of fans. On his first day back, he took aim at President Joe Biden’s age, a topic that has become a matter of discussion due to a not-so-flattering special counsel report. Stewart’s criticism of Biden, who is popular with liberal voters, is particularly striking.

Stewart’s monologue on “The Daily Show” featured his opinions on the topic of the ages of the two presidential frontrunners. Addressing Biden’s age of 81 and Trump’s age of 77, Stewart discussed the unflattering special counsel report and its implications. He questioned Biden’s press-conference gaffes and highlighted his skepticism about the praise given by Biden’s allies.

Stewart’s opinions on Biden’s age drew some criticism, with accusations of equating the aging president with his opponent. However, Stewart did take time to outline the ways in which Biden was not like Trump. He also pointed out Trump’s legal woes and the fact that he’s been indicted multiple times.

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