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Jon Stewart Returns to TV to Speak the Truth About Biden’s Age


Feb 13, 2024

Jon Stewart has returned to “The Daily Show” and wasted no time in expressing his thoughts about the two presidential frontrunners’ ages. Stewart was skeptical of the praise President Biden’s allies heaped on him following a special counsel’s report where both men’s ages had become a hot topic again. Stewart was critical of Vice President Kamala Harris’ characterization of Biden and noted that claims about the president’s alertness should be backed up with proof.

The comedian voiced his skepticism about Biden’s handling of national security and criticized the president’s playful activities in TikTok videos. Stewart also reminded his viewers of the importance of scrutinizing Biden as a presidential candidate as much as Trump had, as the stakes of the upcoming election made it even more crucial.

Although Stewart compared Biden’s mental capacity with Trump’s, he was quick to highlight the differences between the two candidates, as well as the fact that Trump has multiple legal issues to contend with. This news will undoubtably excite fans of the show, with Stewart’s return bringing a welcome boost.

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