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Jordan Chiles, an American world champion, ponders her journey towards the 2024 Paris Olympics


Sep 18, 2023

The US is gearing up for the World Championships, and gymnast Sunisa Lee Chiles is taking advantage of a rare training break. Chiles has been consistently active for nearly three years, competing in various events and seasons. She admits to always being on the go and having a packed schedule, but she loves the busy lifestyle. Despite the break, Chiles still has commitments as a professional athlete, including signing a contract with Nike.

Chiles’ schedule started to slow down in May after attending the wedding of her friend and training partner Simone Biles. Her return to full-time training was unclear, but her coach, Laurent Landy, disclosed that they had started coaching her five weeks ago. Chiles struggled initially, feeling that it would be the toughest time of her life to regain her skills, but she enjoys challenging herself. During practice, she focuses on her past accomplishments to get through it, despite feeling sore during her first few weeks back in the gym.

In early August, Chiles had a mixed performance at the U.S. Classic, ranking fourth on the uneven bars but only thirteenth on the balance beam. Despite having only a short period between the Classic and the U.S. Championships, she finished fifth overall. Moving forward, both Landy and Chiles hope for significant improvements leading up to the U.S. World Championship Trials in September.

This will be Chiles’ fifth time participating in the World Selection Camp, and she is thrilled to have more opportunities. She expresses excitement and happiness about the upcoming trials and the chance to compete at the World Championships.

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