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Josh Jacobs achieves record-breaking negative rushing yards


Sep 18, 2023

Raiders running back Josh Jacobs is feeling frustrated with his performance in the team’s recent games. Despite being the reigning NFL rushing champion, he finished a game with negative rushing yards for the first time since the 1970 merger. This is a concerning development for Jacobs and the team.

In an interview with Jonah Bronstein of the Associated Press, Jacobs expressed his disappointment and the need for improvement. He acknowledges that they need to address what went wrong and work on getting better. Jacobs believes that this is not just a matter of the next game but about creating a winning culture.

Last season, Jacobs led the league in rushing yards and yards from scrimmage. However, his performance this season has been lackluster, with only 46 rushing yards in two games. This is the lowest two-game rushing total in his five-year career, highlighting the need for improvement.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels also recognizes the need to support Jacobs and help him perform at his best. He believes that they must figure out how to get Jacobs back on track and improve as a team. The team took a break to focus on a revised one-year contract, but now they must regroup and work together to find success.

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