“Justin Thomas Aims to Defend PGA Championship Title at Oak Hill with a Simplified Strategy in 2023”

Justin Thomas recently won the 2022 PGA Championship in Southern Hills. Despite the stunning victory, Thomas is aware that success is fleeting and the pursuit never ends. He acknowledges that the past 365 days have been wholly unpredictable with rough seas on his journey. Thomas explains that it is frustrating when he is not finishing or winning the tournament. However, he knows that he must continue to learn from failure and negativity to achieve his ultimate goal of winning.

For Thomas, the definition of success is “win,” a mindset that has served him well throughout his career. Despite having all the shots and skills in the world, Thomas acknowledges that macro-level thinking was not reflected on the golf course last year, and that is where the problem lies. Thomas aims to remain disciplined, especially when making uncomfortable choices at unpleasant times.

Despite his recent slump at Oak Hill Country Club on Monday, Thomas remains optimistic about the coming year. He is confident that he has turned a corner and is only 20 starts away from winning another major championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although he has had recent shortcomings, Thomas believes he has had a great opportunity to learn and grow as a professional golfer.

For Thomas, a return to the PGA Championship and the style of play it puts pressure on competitors is exactly what he needs to grab the next tournament. He remains determined to improve his game and achieve future successes, even though golf is unpredictable and the pursuit never ends.

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