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Kansas begins campaign to attract Chiefs over state line


Apr 3, 2024

Efforts have begun to convince the Chiefs to build a new stadium in Kansas City instead of leaving town. Former Kansas House Speaker Ron Ryckman Jr. is reportedly working with interested parties to make this happen. This comes after a failed proposal to renovate Arrowhead Stadium with an extension of an existing sales tax. Ryckman believes this is an opportunity to make a move for a new stadium.

When Kansas legalized sports betting, a new fund was created to attract professional sports teams to the state, with 80% of the revenue earmarked for this purpose. This fund is expected to reach $10 million by 2025. Other measures, such as using taxpayer money, could also be explored to fund a new stadium. It is crucial to come up with a plan that does not require voter approval, as recent events have shown a lack of public support for subsidizing sports team owners.

The Chiefs’ lease at Arrowhead Stadium expires after the 2030 season. This timeline adds urgency to the discussions about building a new stadium to keep the team in Kansas City. The possibility of staying close by in Kansas is being considered, potentially avoiding a major move for the team.

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