Kansas residents combat stigma surrounding mental health through a 5km walk.

The National Mental Illness Alliance (NAMI) hosted a 5km walk in Topeka, Kansas and invited residents to take tough conversations about mental health and combat the stigma surrounding mental health. Joanie Underwood attended the event due to her family’s struggle with her own mental health, which prompted her to become involved with NAMI. With NAMI’s support, they were able to get the help she needed. NAMI emphasizes a community-based approach and provides resources ranging from free educational programs to walks for enlightenment, such as the 5km walk in Topeka.

According to a NAMI spokesperson, people with mental illness often struggle to find resources to help them recover or reduce their symptoms. Stacey Liddon, who helped organize the walk, stated that “when you’re looking for resources, you might say, ‘Well, where can I find them?'” NAMI aims to be the answer to that question and help those struggling with mental illness. They hope to partner with all 105 counties in the future to continue providing support and resources throughout the state.

The event and NAMI’s mission highlight the importance of addressing mental health and ending the stigma surrounding mental illness. By creating a supportive community and offering resources, NAMI hopes to improve the lives of those struggling with mental illness in Kansas. All rights are reserved to WIBW.

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