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Kareem Jackson avoids punishment for controversial hit, but NFL may still consider suspension


Nov 20, 2023

Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson is not changing his playing style. Jackson got away with an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit on Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs during a Sunday night game against the Minnesota Vikings. Despite his actions, Jackson is staying true to his original approach to the sport. According to NBC rules analyst Terry McAulay, the hit that forced Dobbs to fumble should have been a penalty but no flag was thrown. The NFL is likely to review Jackson’s previous hits on Dobbs, as he has already been suspended and fined for four illegal hits this season. Jackson remains adamant that changing his playing style would undermine his instincts as a player. Despite his past indiscretions, it didn’t take long for Jackson to find himself in a similar position, getting away with a hit that led to a turnover against the Vikings.

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