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Keeping women from advancing harms an economy as well


Nov 21, 2023

Allowing unnecessarily “greedy” jobs is a working practice that significantly reduces some women’s earnings, as noted in Life & Arts on October 21. The types of jobs referenced by Tim Harford are high-earning ones, which can have a serious impact on women’s earnings. Going part-time also has a negative impact on women’s careers and can affect them at various occupational levels.

The negative effects of part-time work on women’s careers are not limited to just the childbearing years, but can have long-term consequences over the course of a woman’s career. The “part-timer” label can have a chilling effect on women’s careers, leading to undervaluation and under-rewarding of their qualifications and competencies. This is not only unjust, but also irrational, especially given that women are increasingly outperforming men educationally in most OECD countries.

Tom Schuller, the author of ‘The Paula Principle: How and Why Women Work Below Their Level of Competence’ in London N19, UK, highlights the detrimental impacts of “greedy” jobs and part-time work on women’s earnings and career progression. Schuller emphasizes the need for addressing these issues to ensure fair and equitable treatment for women in the workforce.

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