• Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Kemira’s Stock Exchange Rally Persists


Jun 12, 2024

The Helsinki Stock Exchange experienced a decline on Tuesday afternoon, with the general index down 0.6 percent at 10,100 points. Most of the top twelve traded stocks were also trending downwards. One exception was Kemira, which continued to rise from the previous day and was up 1.2 percent, making it the fourth most traded stock. Kemira recently updated its guidance upwards, leading to increased interest from investors.

However, OP Bank downgraded its recommendation for Kemira’s stock from increase to decrease. Despite this, the bank raised the target price to EUR 24.00 from EUR 23.50. The fur company Fursilla saw the biggest increase in share price at 4.8 percent, while the health technology company Nexstim experienced a decline of 4.44 percent, following a significant rise the previous day.

Analysis house Inderes increased Nexstim’s target price to EUR 4.00 and maintained its recommendation. Last week, Nexstim signed a letter of intent with Sinaptica Therapeutics for an exclusive partnership in Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Consulting company Gofore reported a slight decrease in turnover for May compared to April. Additionally, the company secured a five-year contract with the Police Board valued at around ten million euros.

Reka Kumi Oy, a subsidiary of industrial company Reka Industrial, announced a change in CEO, with the position temporarily filled by Reka Industrial’s CEO. Cybersecurity company F-Secure appointed Nina Lehdon as its new service manager.


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