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Kerum’s Bankruptcy: Land on Čiovo Island sold for 40,100 euros


Nov 21, 2023

The 369-square-meter land of Kerum doo in Čiovo was recently sold to the company Avid nekretnine from Sesvet for 40,100 euros, according to bankruptcy administrator Natalija Mladineo. This sale followed the receipt of an appraisal report, which initially valued the land at 29,302 euros, or 79.41 euros per square meter. At a hearing held in late October, two offers were received from interested buyers. Avid nekretnine made a higher offer, while Duje Miše offered 33,582 euros. Additionally, the land does not have vehicular access.

As part of the monetization of Kerum’s real estate, there have also been repeated advertisements for the sale of storage in a building on Trg kneza Višeslav in Zadar. Written bids for this sale will be opened at a hearing scheduled for November 24. The sale of four warehouses, totaling ten square meters, has been announced on press and court websites, with starting prices ranging from 2,060 to 2,270 euros. The sale will be conducted through a public auction according to the principle of “who gives more.” It is important to note that the sale is carried out on a “seen-bought” basis, which means that any subsequent objections from the buyer are excluded.

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