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Kiev faces three major problems as it launches a new offensive in spring


Nov 21, 2023

Germany has promised Ukraine a military aid package worth 1.3 billion euros, and they plan to increase military support for Ukraine in the future with a budget allocation of eight billion euros. However, doubts have been raised about the stability of Berlin’s military support for Ukraine as the US has begun to reduce its military aid to Ukraine, and the EU has been unable to deliver a promised artillery shell shipment.

Ukraine is facing a tough time as Russia is expected to attempt to paralyze the country’s civil infrastructure and increase pressure on many areas of the front as winter approaches. The Ukrainian armed forces are lacking further major aid and may have to hold their positions along the front with limited ammunition, leading to a potential stalemate in the ongoing war.

The lack of air superiority, required material, and personnel are major problems for Ukraine as they consider potential offensive plans in the future. The country will have to survive the Russian attacks in the winter and hope for greater support from the West before they can make new offensive plans.

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