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Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin to hold another meeting in Russia: Examining the complex geopolitics | Military News


Sep 12, 2023

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin are set to meet again, this time focusing on arms sales and technology transfer. The change in focus is partly due to Russia’s isolation and sanctions resulting from its invasion of Ukraine. Russia, in need of ammunition partners, is turning to North Korea, which has the ability to produce a large quantity of weapons and munitions. Analysts expect North Korea to offer various conventional weapons, small arms, drones, portable missiles, and even soldiers to Russia. The US, while considering Russia’s arms purchase as a sign of desperation, acknowledges the reliability and affordability of North Korean weapons. The relationship between Moscow and Pyongyang has become more than transactional, with North Korea showing support for Russia’s invasion and receiving reciprocal support at the UN. When meeting with Putin, Kim is expected to seek military technology, including for Russia’s nuclear-powered submarines. Russia may be the biggest enabler of North Korea and could accelerate its military programs. Despite US opposition, it seems there are limited options to increase pressure on North Korea. The outcome of the summit will have significant security ramifications beyond Ukraine.

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