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Kim Jong Un Celebrates Unveiling of New ‘Nuclear Attack Submarine’ in Captivating Photos


Sep 9, 2023

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended a launching ceremony for a tactical nuclear attack submarine on September 8. He watched the event and gave an address while wearing a cream suit, sun hat, and a huge smile. Experts believe that the submarine will need to undergo several months of tests and may not function as intended.

According to North Korean officials, this new submarine is intended to patrol the waters between Korea and Japan. Kim Jong Un emphasized the importance of giving their navy access to nuclear weapons during his address. If the submarine operates successfully, it will be the first of its kind for North Korea.

However, some experts have expressed doubts about the submarine’s capabilities. David Schmerler, a weapons expert, believes that this would be North Korea’s first non-test platform ballistic missile submarine if sea trials are completed successfully. On the other hand, Joseph Dempsey and Yang Uk, two researchers, have pointed out potential limitations and vulnerabilities of the submarine, such as issues with stealthiness and maneuverability.

Despite these concerns, the design of the submarine reflects Kim Jong Un’s commitment to expanding North Korea’s nuclear force.

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