Kimball’s Mueller Company: Propelling Our Economy Ahead

Mueller Company is a manufacturer of fire hydrants, water metering products, and other water products. The company has been in operation for 166 years and has expanded throughout the United States and internationally. In 2018, Mueller expanded into Marion County, Tennessee, providing high-income jobs to the residents of Marion County and surrounding areas. Today, the Kimball store has around 250 employees, while the company has close to 5,000 employees worldwide, and there are nearly 1,000 employees in Chattanooga, Tennessee Valley.

One of the benefits of working at Mueller is the opportunity for growth and learning. Machinist Rebecca Wilson states, “It was really nice to have the opportunity to grow here. I basically started with nothing but learned a lot here.” Mueller is also a leading employer in Marion County, offering fair living wages even to those without degrees in various skill sets. The company has a range of job opportunities, including assembly, welding, and machinist jobs, as well as skilled workers with degrees in supply chain engineering and finance in the salary ranks.

Production director Scotty Reid recognizes the importance of building skills to support the future growth of the company. He states, “It’s hard to find the skills we’re looking for at this point in time where we’ve spent a lot of time developing skills. So we are ready and willing to build the future and build our own future. I am excited about it.”

The Kimball store is particularly project-oriented, supplying large tunnels and other infrastructure. Plant manager Aaron Baden notes that since expanding into Marion County three years ago, Mueller has added hundreds of jobs to the area, which has moved the local economy forward. As a leading infrastructure supplier, Mueller plays an essential role in providing homes and businesses with the necessary water products.

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