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King Charles provides an update on his health following his cancer diagnosis.


Feb 11, 2024

King Charles finally addressed his cancer diagnosis for the first time in a heartfelt statement issued by Buckingham Palace on Saturday. The monarch expressed his gratitude for the well-wishes and messages of support he has received in recent days. He acknowledged the comfort and encouragement that kind thoughts bring to those affected by cancer.

The King expressed his appreciation for the public understanding and awareness that sharing his diagnosis has brought, shining a light on the work of organizations that support cancer patients and their families in the UK and around the world. He also highlighted his admiration for their tireless care and dedication, which has grown as a result of his own personal experience with cancer.

The announcement came nearly a week after the King’s cancer diagnosis was revealed following a surgery to treat his enlarged prostate. Prior to the announcement, he had personally informed his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, of the news. While Prince Harry has not publicly addressed the matter, he did visit London the day after the news was made public to meet with his father in person.

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