Kishida asserts that the G7 advocates for a world without nuclear weapons.

On Monday, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made an announcement stating that G7 leaders would be demonstrating their commitment to promoting a world without nuclear weapons during their meeting in Hiroshima later this week. Speaking to the media at his official residence, Kishida explained that the G7 would be sending a strong message towards realizing a nuclear-free world and would be making greater efforts towards achieving this goal.

Amid concerns that Russia may make use of nuclear weapons in a potential invasion of Ukraine, Kishida has opted to hold a three-day summit in the area, starting on Friday. The location chosen for the summit is Hiroshima, a ward that was devastated by a U.S. atomic bomb in 1945. This decision to hold the summit in this area highlights the importance of global disarmament and the ramifications of nuclear weapons.

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