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Lack of progress in digitalization post-Corona


Nov 21, 2023

A study has found that there is great potential for digital tools to help Austrian companies achieve their sustainability goals. Despite the increase in digitalization due to the Corona pandemic, the boom seems to be declining, according to Michael Zettel, the Austria boss of Accenture. The consulting company, in collaboration with the Industrial Association (IV), conducted a study on digitalization and sustainability, surveying 100 domestic companies of various sizes and industries. The study revealed that 65 percent of companies have a low level of digitalization, 32 percent have a medium level, and only three percent are considered digital champions.

The study also found that large companies, in particular, benefit from the use of digital technologies, with 23 percent more sales growth reported. While internal processes in planning, production, and administration are mostly digitized in domestic companies, automation solutions for external use, such as with customers, are not widely implemented. However, the survey indicated that the potential for digital networking and data availability is present in many of the companies.

The study also revealed that nearly 80 percent of Austrian companies have sustainability initiatives at the top management level, with almost a quarter using renewable energies and around ten percent implementing sustainable building concepts. Christian Helmenstein, the chief economist of IV, believes that there is great potential in combining sustainability and digitalization, as the potential of digital tools for achieving sustainability goals is not yet being fully recognized and utilized.

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