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Latvian broker charged in US for sending aircraft technology to Russia


Apr 4, 2024

In a recent development on April 4, 2024, a Latvian citizen named Oleg Chistyakov was arrested near Riga, Latvia. He has been charged by the US for violating the Export Control Reform Act. The charges stem from allegations of conspiring with two US citizens to facilitate the sale of US avionics equipment to customers in Russia. This information was disclosed in a press release and indictment issued by the authorities.

One of Mr Chistyakov’s alleged co-conspirators, Cyril Gregory Buyanovsky, had previously pleaded guilty to the same conspiracy in December 2023. The case has stirred controversy and legal discussions in both the US and Latvia.

Maya Lester KC, a senior barrister (King’s Counsel) at Brick Court Chambers, has a diverse legal practice that includes public law, European law, competition law, international law, human rights, and civil liberties. She possesses a particular expertise in sanctions law and has been involved in high-profile cases related to international trade and compliance. Her legal insights and experience are highly regarded in the legal community.

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