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‘Launch Christiansburg’ aims to attract small businesses to the town


Apr 2, 2024

Christiansburg town leaders have recently introduced a program to assist small businesses in town and those looking to start up. Astleigh Hill, owner of the Chandlerie in downtown Christiansburg, believes this program will be beneficial for anyone trying to start a business. Hill, who has been in business since May of 2023, considers small businesses to be essential to a community, describing downtown as the heartbeat of a community.

After completing the 10-week program, participants have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and potentially receive up to $5,000 in grants. Amanda Hebert, the small business solutions manager for the Town of Christiansburg, emphasized that this grant amount could be life-changing for individuals in the area. Requirements for participants include being residents of Christiansburg, having a business idea to share, and being willing to vet out and discuss that idea in a safe environment.

Hill expressed her excitement as a business owner to see this level of support for small businesses in Christiansburg. She views it as a promising sign for the town’s growth and development. The program does require a $200 deposit, which will be returned to participants upon completion of the program and their business pitch. For more information on the program, interested individuals can visit the provided link.

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