“Launching New Certification for Business Professionals: Section Rebranded”

Section, an online business education platform created by Scott Galloway, has rebranded itself to better reflect its mission as a “Business School for the Next Decade”. The company offers a range of masterclass-style courses to subscribers for $995 a year, allowing them access to courses, workshops, bootcamps, and other content, plus coaching, network access and other services.

Section was founded by Mr. Galloway in 2019 to make elite business education more accessible to people who cannot afford it or cannot attend for various reasons. Since launching, Section has expanded its student numbers to over 25,000 and launched a new suite of certificates targeting the enterprise market for employee training in skills relevant to the digital economy.

The company’s certificates are designed to offer a clear path through its sprints, workshops, and other content, aligned with professional goals while clarifying the value of education in the market. As part of the rebrand, the company expanded its degrees to include five new certification programs for Business Core, Strategic Leader, Marketing Strategist, Product Strategist, and Digital Strategist.

Initially, Section faculty consisted of top business school faculty and industry leaders, but it has now transitioned primarily to professional executives, top corporate vice presidents, and C-suite-level practitioners. The company invests in its curriculum, offering a more diverse format, including a shorter, more rigorous format, and a wider range of certificates.

The company’s major goal is to reach 100,000 students annually to build an important alumni network. While there are many solutions for upskilling, the challenge for Section and other stakeholders in the increasingly crowded digital education market is whether its certificates and workshops will be evaluated in the job market.

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