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Lay’s and Pepsi return to Carrefour shelves after three months


Apr 3, 2024

PepsiCo products are once again on the shelves at Carrefour, as the French supermarket group has reached an agreement with the American food group. This announcement was made in France, and the products are also available in Belgium again. At the beginning of January, Carrefour had reported a price dispute with PepsiCo, citing unacceptable prices. As a result, they had decided to stop offering PepsiCo brands in France, Belgium, Spain, and Italy, including Lay’s and Doritos chips and Pepsi soft drinks.

Carrefour confirmed on Wednesday that an agreement was reached “as we wanted, in the interest of the customer.” The director of Carrefour France, Alexandre de Palmas, shared a photo on social media showing him holding a bottle of Pepsi between store shelves. Carrefour’s Belgian press service also confirmed the agreement, stating that PepsiCo products have been back on the shelves in Belgium since last week.

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