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Lazard Wins Legal Battle Against Hindu Asian Trading Technology VP’s Job Discrimination Lawsuit


Mar 25, 2024

A former senior vice president at Lazard Asset Management LLC has been denied a trial on his claims of discrimination based on his religion, race, national origin, and familial and caregiver status. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York determined that the employee who was allegedly treated more favorably, but did not fall within the SVP’s protected classes, was not a suitable comparator under New York state and city law.

The co-worker in question had been the SVP’s boss, had ten years more seniority, and had received positive performance reviews. Therefore, the court ruled that he was not a fair comparison to the SVP in terms of treatment within the company.

This ruling highlights the importance of finding appropriate comparators when alleging discrimination in the workplace. Simply being treated differently than a co-worker who is not in the same protected classes may not be enough to establish a case of discrimination. The SVP will not be granted a trial on his claims, based on the court’s decision.

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