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Leaders implore at HIMSS23 APAC to value the essence of connection


Sep 19, 2023

This year, HIMSS23 APAC is returning to Indonesia, specifically to the capital city of Jakarta, to assess the advancements in digital health transformation across the archipelago and beyond. The conference will focus on key topics such as interoperability, cybersecurity, responsible use of AI, and the modernization of digital infrastructure. Additionally, case studies from various regions will share valuable insights into the process of digital transformation.

In his welcome speech, HIMSS President and CEO Hal Wolf emphasized the importance of connecting individuals to appropriate care and taking advantage of technology to improve healthcare. He highlighted the opportunity to advance care for individuals and bring them back into hospitals and other care settings.

Dr. Dante Saxono Halbuwono, Indonesia’s Deputy Minister of Health, discussed the country’s accomplishments in establishing a resilient and sustainable health ecosystem after the COVID-19 pandemic. He expressed pride in sharing these achievements with the audience. Indonesia has been exploring investment opportunities in the medical device industry, connecting local companies with global investors from China, Germany, the United States, and the Middle East. Dr. Halbuwono emphasized that improving healthcare through technological solutions is not only about the technologies themselves but also about empowering patients to take control of their health and providing healthcare providers with the necessary tools.

Mr. Park Setiaji, Director of Digital Transformation Office, Ministry of Health, Indonesia, and the chair of HIMSS23 APAC, discussed the progress of Indonesia’s digital transformation. He mentioned the release of the Digital Health Transformation Blueprint 2024 and the transition from the PeduliLindungi COVID-19 app to the National Integrated Health Data Exchange Platform called SatuSehat. Mr. Setiaji highlighted the potential for collaboration in the digitalization of health systems, particularly in the area of data and information.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Setiaji stressed the importance of building trust and committing to a better future for the health system through collaboration. He urged everyone to maintain the momentum and continue working together towards a better future.

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