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Lee Health honors and celebrates our exceptional doctors


Mar 26, 2024

On March 30th each year, National Doctors’ Day is celebrated to honor the hard work and dedication of physicians in our communities. The first Doctors’ Day was observed in 1933 in Georgia, commemorating the first use of anesthesia nearly 90 years prior. In 1990, legislation was introduced to establish a national day of recognition for doctors, which was signed into law by President George Bush.

Now, 91 years after the first observation, Doctors’ Day is a time to recognize the commitment and dedication of over 1.1 million practicing physicians in the United States. At Lee Health, we have over 2,400 physicians who provide high-quality care to our community. As the president & CEO of Lee Health, I have the privilege of working alongside these exceptional doctors who prioritize patient-centered care, compassion, empathy, and quality and safety.

If you want to show your appreciation for doctors in our community, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on social media or email us at ExceptionalLee@LeeHealth.org. Happy Doctors’ Day to all our outstanding physicians and thank you to our patients for entrusting their health to us.

Larry Antonucci, M.D., MBA is the president & CEO of Lee Health, a leading healthcare provider in Southwest Florida. Lee Health offers acute care, emergency care, rehabilitation, diagnostic services, health and wellness education, and community outreach programs. Visit LeeHealth.org for more information.

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