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Legislators advocate tax cut bills and manage additional matters


Sep 14, 2023

Two new Freedom of Information Act bills were advanced on Wednesday, September 13, during a special session of the state Legislature. One of the bills proposes a tax cut, specifically aiming to lower the top personal income tax rate from 4.7% to 4.4% and reduce the corporate tax rate from 5.1% to 4.8%. In addition, this bill suggests providing a $150 earned income tax credit to taxpayers with annual incomes below $90,000, with retroactive implementation from January 1, 2023. A companion bill to the tax bill was passed by state senators on Tuesday.

Furthermore, both legislative chambers approved legislation to establish a reserve fund, which would allow for the future use of over $710 million in surplus funds. Additionally, lawmakers proposed a bill that would prevent states from mandating COVID-19 vaccinations or immunizations, while also directing the Department of Health to maintain accessible information about the potential risks associated with COVID-19 vaccines.

The special session also saw the introduction of other bills in the House and Senate, such as one aimed at removing conflicting language pertaining to locking doors during school fire drills, as well as a bill to clarify sentencing for felons who use firearms. The special session is scheduled to conclude on Thursday.

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