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Local residents in Central Oregon unite to construct a multi-sport facility in a collaborative effort


Apr 3, 2024

The Central Oregon Sportsplex Alliance is a group made up of community members, businesses, sports teams, and partners who are dedicated to bringing top-tier sports facilities to the region. Their plan involves developing a multi-sport facility that includes turf fields for soccer, lacrosse, rugby, baseball, and softball, as well as indoor turf fields, training areas for ice sports, and potentially commercial sports, retail, hotel, and an RV park.

The alliance also aims to establish and manage scholarship funds to ensure that all Central Oregon youth have access to the best facilities, leagues, and training available. Their goal is to make sports accessible to every child in the region. Derek Berry, the president of the CO Sportsplex Alliance, presented this concept to the Bend Park and Rec Board at a meeting.

Julie Brown, Communications & Community Relations Manager for Bend Parks & Rec, expressed that providing locations for recreation in the community is a priority. She mentioned that partnerships could play a role in this effort, although it remains to be seen if the Sportsplex Alliance initiative will move forward. The board showed interest in the regional impact of the project and is open to further discussions.

The Sportsplex Alliance has identified Redmond at the Fairgrounds and Expo Center as their preferred location for the sports facility. While the project is estimated to require significant funding, including hundreds of millions of dollars, the main challenge lies in securing financial support. Berry emphasized the community benefits of investing in parks and sports facilities, stressing that while no one wants to increase taxes, the value of such investments is worth it. Once feasibility studies are completed, fundraising efforts will begin with a combination of private funding, public partnerships, and community support.

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