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Lorenzo Larini appointed as new CEO of Mint, driving company’s worldwide expansion


Mar 26, 2024

MINT, a global leader in Advertising Resource Management (ARM) software, has recently appointed Lorenzo Larini as CEO during a significant period of global growth. Larini, who previously served as CEO of IPSOS North America, will be based in the New York offices and will be responsible for overseeing the group’s expansion and strategic acquisitions in the US market. This market is seen as a crucial hub for the company’s global growth strategy.

Prior to his role at IPSOS, Lorenzo Larini held senior leadership positions in Gartner’s technology division, where he gained extensive experience in developing business growth, media, and technology strategies. Larini’s innovative approach has been recognized through his involvement as a trustee of the Committee for Economic Development and a board member of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, a non-profit organization supporting startups in Africa.

In a recent interview, Larini emphasized the importance of governance, transparency, and efficiency in today’s advertising landscape. He highlighted MINT’s AI-enabled ARM software as a solution that offers full control to organizations and their marketing teams throughout the advertising process. Larini views MINT as a key player in enabling data-driven businesses to thrive in an environment of uncertainty.

After a year of product consolidation in 2022, MINT focused on refining its operating model and introducing cutting-edge AI features in 2023. The company experienced continuous growth, expanding to new markets such as France, the UK, Germany, and the US. Under Larini’s leadership, MINT plans to pursue both organic and inorganic growth opportunities in key sectors and geographies in 2024, while strengthening strategic partnerships across the technology ecosystem.

Andrea Pezzi, the previous CEO of MINT, has transitioned to the role of chairman, overseeing the leadership transition alongside Larini. Pezzi expressed confidence in Larini’s ability to lead the company to new heights and praised the value that Larini brings to MINT’s human capital. As both leaders work together to guide MINT into the future, they aim to capitalize on the company’s innovative approach and commitment to excellence in the advertising industry.

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