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Loyalty can be Blind: Shareholders Purchase New Shares


Apr 3, 2024

The successful major capital increase of the solar module manufacturer shows the dedication of investors who believe in the company, sometimes against rational odds. Meyer Burger, while not a financially successful company, is an inspiring example of resilience. The company’s lesson for a fulfilling life is to find allies who stand by you through all circumstances, just as their shareholders do with them.

Despite facing challenges in the market and intense competition from cheap Chinese manufacturers, Meyer Burger has managed to transform itself and survive through multiple capital increases. The loyalty and dedication of long-term shareholders have been a key factor in the company’s survival.

While holding on to losing investments for too long is often advised against, many investors in Meyer Burger are motivated by a desire to contribute to a clean, green future through the company’s solar technology. This sense of purpose and community has inspired investors to continue supporting the company through multiple capital increases.

The recent success of the company’s third capital increase, with shareholders subscribing to new securities totaling almost 207 million francs, is a milestone in ensuring Meyer Burger’s survival. The dedication of both small and large investors, as well as external financing, will be crucial for the company’s future growth and expansion plans, including setting up production in the USA.

While it is heartening to see investors identify with and support their company, questions about the sustainability of a business model that relies on political support and protectionism should also be considered. Meyer Burger’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication and community in overcoming challenges and striving towards a common goal, despite rational doubts.

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