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Luiten’s Misfortune: Three Clubs Lost in Tree at DP World Tour Championship


Nov 20, 2023

Professional golfer Joost Luiten found himself in a unique and frustrating situation during the DP World Tour Championships in Dubai. Following a bogey, he threw his driver at a tree in frustration, only to have it get stuck. In an attempt to dislodge the driver, he threw another club, which also became lodged in the tree. A third club met the same fate, leaving Luiten with three clubs stuck up the tree.

Despite the efforts of a tournament official and Luiten himself, the clubs remained stuck. Luiten tried jumping and using a standard bearer’s sign to dislodge the clubs, but was ultimately unsuccessful. He was forced to play the rest of the hole with 11 clubs before a volunteer was able to rescue the lodged clubs.

Despite the setback, Luiten was unable to recover in the tournament and ended three-over-par, finishing near the bottom. He expressed his frustration by stating, “That sums up my week nicely.”

This incident occurred just days after professional golfer Rory McIlroy’s tee shot landed in a spectator’s lap, adding to the unusual occurrences during the tournament. Despite the challenges faced by Luiten and others, Nicolai Hojgaard emerged victorious in the tournament.

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