Luxury British Tennis Brand, Emerged Through Global Expeditions

Laura Ward, the Founder and Creative Director of the British luxury tennis brand EXEAT, shares her journey of building a successful sustainable tennis brand and representing British tennis worldwide. EXEAT is one of the few brands that truly focuses on bringing sustainable, ethically-sourced and biodegradable materials to the forefront of their product-line. Laura talks about her design philosophy, her experiences while scouting for reliable and sustainable suppliers, and how she chose to export to the US market. The article also touches on Laura’s personal life, her travel habits, and her favorite place, Tarifa, a Spanish town that she has been visiting for over 20 years, which also served as the inspiration behind one of EXEAT’s collections. Lastly, Laura gives insight into her future plans for the business, which aim to revolutionize the tennis apparel industry by providing women with fashionable, high-performance clothing made from eco-friendly materials.

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