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M5S Prepared for an Onslaught of Amendments


Nov 21, 2023

Giuseppe Conte has spent the past month developing a package of postponements that stems from a series of hearings with trade unions, trade associations, and companies at the M5s headquarters in Campo Marzio. This has resulted in about a thousand amendments which will be deposited by the 6 pm deadline for presentation to the Chambers, and publicly illustrated on Wednesday.

The government’s budget law is seen as “zero growth”, so the proposals aimed to restart the country. Leader of the Movement, Giuseppe Conte, emphasized the need for this, noting the squares of recent days confirming the discontent that was previously touched upon at the M5s square in June.

The Five Star Movement’s work revolves around five pillar themes: business, work, healthcare, home, and youth policies. Specifically, the surge in mortgage rates and house taxes has been addressed, as well as the fight against feminicide and gender violence. A bill has also been reintroduced to introduce affective education in schools.

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