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Maine Medical Center: Pioneering Advancements in Sports Medicine


Sep 18, 2023

Our orthopedic surgeons in Maine are at the forefront of sports medicine, introducing innovative procedures that not only reduce recovery time but also lead to better outcomes for our patients. We are focused on addressing acute sports injuries through the use of new biological treatment options that aim to preserve natural tissue and tap into the body’s innate healing abilities. By doing so, we are able to achieve more favorable long-term results.

In addition to these groundbreaking treatments, we also offer non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures to alleviate chronic tendon and fascial pain. Some of these procedures include percutaneous tenotomy with Tenex, platelet-rich plasma injections, and the use of high-resolution ultrasound technology. Our providers are well-versed in these techniques and are capable of performing them directly in their clinics, ensuring convenience and efficiency for our patients.

One of the technologies we employ is high-resolution ultrasound technology, which is used by Dr. Christian Bigosinski, MD. This technology significantly enhances image quality and expedites the process of diagnosis, allowing for more accurate and timely treatment decisions.

Dr. F. Lincoln Avery, MD, specializes in a procedure known as the meniscal cartilage graft. This procedure involves the replacement of torn meniscal tissue with a collagen implant, which represents a significant advancement in the field of biologics.

Dr. Kate E Quinn offers percutaneous tenotomy for tendon and fascia repair. This non-invasive procedure utilizes ultrasound energy to precisely target and treat diseased or injured tendons and fascia, providing relief for patients suffering from chronic pain.

Another treatment option available at our practice is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections for tendon and fascia pain. Dr. Christian Bigosinski, MD, employs this technique by utilizing the healing factors found in the patient’s own blood to repair damaged tendons, offering a natural and effective solution.

Overall, our orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sports medicine and delivering the most advanced treatments to our patients. Through the utilization of cutting-edge procedures, we aim to improve recovery time, optimize outcomes, and provide superior care for individuals with sports-related injuries.

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