Major Refurbishment by Homewood Community Sports Announced

Homewood Community Sports has recently announced a major renovation to the Homewood Community Sports Field. According to community leaders, the project aims to help young people develop essential skills both on and off the field. While the sports field has been in existence for a while now, it requires substantial upgrades to better serve its young users. Fortunately, significant progress is underway thanks to contributions from former players and city and state governments. On Tuesday, officials and community members celebrated the start of the $15 million renovation.

The renovation plans involve an overhaul of the pool, groundhouse, bleachers, lighting, and grounds. The new facilities and grounds are expected to provide a sturdy foundation for young men and women who will make use of them in the future. President Mubarik Ismaeli expressed his excitement, stating that the new sector would enable the organization to offer more programs to students, aiding them in academic achievement, socialization, and other skills fundamental for positive citizenship.

As for the renovation process, the stadium will be the first facility to be replaced, after which the rest of the facilities and grounds will be developed. If things go according to plan, the project should be completed in 2024. Ross Guidotti, a Pittsburgh native and Point Park graduate, joined KDKA in 2001 as a general assignment reporter.

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