“Make Your Own Almond Milk: Enhance Skin and Gut Health with this DIY Recipe”

More and more people are choosing to adopt a plant-based diet that eliminates dairy and meat. This change in diet has resulted in a surge in the popularity of plant-based milks, such as almond and soy, over traditional animal-based milks. If you’re considering eliminating dairy from your diet, it’s important to understand the effects dairy can have on your body and health. Nutritionist Anshu Dua outlined some benefits of switching to a dairy-free diet.

Reduce bloating: Statistically, people find it difficult to digest dairy, so removing dairy from your diet can help reduce bloating, she explained. Also, some people are lactose intolerant because the small intestine does not produce as much of the lactase enzyme that helps digest lactose.

Healthy Skin: People with acne are advised to avoid dairy products as they can lead to increased acne breakouts. “People with extreme acne should avoid dairy products, as the whey protein in milk can promote inflammation and exacerbate acne problems,” writes Ansch.

Improves skin: Experts say that cow’s milk and buffalo milk contain hormones that react with hormones in the body to increase sebum production, which can clog pores.

Gut Health: Reducing milk from your diet may help with digestive issues and gut health. You may also notice a reduction in bloating and gas.

Fewer mood swings: Did you know that a glass of milk contains 60 hormones? May cause mood changes.

Weight Loss: Eliminating dairy from your diet isn’t the most effective way to lose weight, but you’ll see a big change in your weight.

Almond milk has several benefits, including improved skin and gut health. Here’s a homemade recipe to try:

– 1 cup/250 grams almonds
– 5 cups/1.25 liters of water

1. Soak the almonds in plain water overnight or 8 hours.
2. Peel the almonds, as almond skins contain tannins that inhibit the absorption of nutrients.
3. Place the peeled almonds in a blender and add 5 cups or 1.25 liters of water to blend.
4. Use a muslin cloth to strain the mixture, and your almond milk is ready.

If you want to eliminate dairy from your diet and enjoy the benefits of plant-based milks, give this homemade almond milk recipe a try.

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